Κλίκ για μεγέθυνση

Get active before it's too late, because he's ready to drown the Balkans and all of Europe in blood! See the results of his visit to the US. If you can't read the outcome of this meeting and the white check he got from Trump to move on to his next conquest plans, give it a go, you have no right to govern your countries and your people!

     The Turk has already shown his intentions. With his people following him blindly, cheering him on and glorifying him, nothing stops him! When he is finished with the genocide of the Kurds, having the blessings of this dangerous psychiatrist and a former President of the World, his next victims will be Greece and Cyprus, followed by the Balkan people and the states of Europe!
     What else do you expect to see from this "bored" Third Millennium Sultan and his photocopies of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? Just yesterday they were glorifying him as their God and they were singing to him in the parliament ‘’Our relationship is a love story ...’’, are these people okay? Is it possible for these people to have a place in the EU, the peoples of the West and their culture?
     These People are living lost in their world, don't make another mistake !!!

     Gentlemen, the '' Sultan '' has said in all the tones, his vision is one, the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire! He gave its stigma many years ago when he built his palaces, talking about “the borders of their hearts'' and '' their blue homelands”, counting up to the lost kilometers they are stolen from unbelievers, that is us and all of you!
     At the same time, with the infectious virus that has managed to implant in their brains, no Turk has realized that based on their own theory, if the Greeks act the same way with the conquests of Great Alexander they will find no place to settle, not even in the depths of Asia! And the people of Europe and all the earth should start wars by reclaiming their lost lands with the first the descendants of the Romans ... are these people well on their minds? Does anyone believe that one can trust this people and their leader?

     Gentlemen, you let him equip himself as a lobster, create a powerful war industry by turning his country even into a nuclear power, inflating the minds of 82,000,000 people, a low-minded, fanatical and deceitful people, dreaming of Europe, restoring to them their perpetual Ottoman vision!
     How you cannot see their psyche and their extreme nationalism flare up? People living delirious moments of national regeneration and ready for anything, STOP THEM NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! 
     Turkey must be dealt now, before beating first! You have to find the way by yourself as a leader, is your debt and your duty to your peoples! Enough with this mentally ill leader, the 21st-century’s freelance Sultan and his neo-Turkish ottomans!
Let there be an end to this story before their rediscovered 'visions' lead us to a New World War!!!

     IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONS WITH RUSSIA, even with Satan if needed and let Tramp go, forget him, he is looking for a partition of Europe!
     If you even need to forget about NATO, as Macron said, it is "brain dead"! Partner with all the countries currently facing them, Syria, Egypt, Israel and other states in the wider region and the middle eastern states, with the Kurds and any other minorities persecuted by the Turks and as a punch now of 28 states and under the auspices of the whole West, with France leading today's Europe's most powerful military force, do your duty whatever it is to your people! 
     Gentlemen, it is a shame for every country in Europe and its leaders to come out Turks every day to threaten, to denigrate and humiliate 28 states and 300,000,000 citizens and no one to react!


Vasilis Anagnostou

Author - columnist - www.manifesto.com.gr                

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